Qatar Confirms Commitment to Provide $8 Million to UNHCR's Programs

HE the Permanent Representative stressed the keenness of the Government of the State of Qatar to encourage Qatari charitable foundations and humanitarian organizations to continue to consolidate the partnership with the UNHCR, and to provide various forms of support necessary to contribute to the implementation of its noble humanitarian programs and mission in assisting and protecting refugees and promoting their rights, and improving their standard of living, especially the level of education for the future for their children.

Qatar Renews Commitment to Continue Support UNHCR Programs

HE the Permanent Representative noted that the efforts exerted by the State of Qatar and the Qatari institutions have made a significant difference in alleviating the suffering of the affected refugees and displaced persons, and that Qatar's humanitarian initiatives were characterized by neutrality, impartiality and diversity.

State of Qatar Affirms its Opposition Against Racism, Discrimination, Xenophobia

HE Ambassador and Permanent Representative affirms that the State of Qatar welcomes the recent declaration by the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination of the admissibility of complaints submitted by the State of Qatar against Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and its competence to deal with such complaints.

Qatar Asserts Its Efforts to Protect Human Rights Stem From Its Permanent Constitution

HE Ambassador expressed his regret that the United Arab Emirates had taken advantage of this mechanism and sent a note containing the recommendations made to the State of Qatar during the review session along with a video link showing the Troika announcing the amendments made by the UAE to its recommendations to the State of Qatar during the adoption meeting of the report of the Working Group of the State of Qatar held on 17 May 2019, to the International Court of Justice, which is currently considering a lawsuit by the State of Qatar against the United Arab Emirates, in an attempt to mislead that these recommendations were made in the name of the Troika of the State of Qatar. Clear falsification of facts and a clear violation of the rules of the universal periodic review and a desperate attempt to exploit this mechanism to achieve purposes that are not related to human rights and should not be allowed by this distinguished Council. His Excellency suggested that the Working Group on the Universal Periodic Review Mechanism and the President of the Council should draw the attention avoiding the reoccurrence of such a practice in the future.