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Qatar Expresses Support to International Efforts to End Division in Libya

the State of Qatar reiterated its support for the Government of National Reconciliation and the agreement of Skhirat and its results , calling on all Libyan brothers to end the state of division and reach a comprehensive political settlement without excluding any party and to proceed with completing the transitional phase through political, constitutional and electoral benefits, in order to preserve Libya's sovereignty and territorial integrity and realize the aspirations and demands of the Libyan people.

Qatar Calls for Taking Necessary Measures to Stop Israeli Violations and Crimes Against Palestinian People

The State of Qatar called on the international community, under Agenda Item 7, to take all necessary measures to stop the violations and crimes committed by the occupation against the Palestinians, and to hold accountable all those responsible for them and to bring them to international criminal justice and to provide urgent international protection for the Palestinian people as well as put pressure on the Israeli entity to implement the resolutions of international legitimacy, end its occupation of all Palestinian and Arab territories, and stop the implementation of settlement policies and plans