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Qatar Affirms Importance of Giving All Human Rights Same Attention

The State of Qatar said that the many challenges facing the world today, especially those resulting from health pandemics, climate changes, and armed conflicts, showed that providing technical assistance and capacity-building to countries in the field of human rights, according to their needs and priorities, and in consultation with them, are important elements to enable them to confront these challenges and fulfill their obligations to promote and protect human rights.

Qatar Condemns Continuing Cases of Violence and Human Rights Violations in Libya

The State of Qatar affirmed its condemnation of the continuing cases of violence and violations and abuses of the international human rights law and the humanitarian law in Libya, as well as the targeting of civilians, attacks on civilian facilities, indiscriminate shelling, arbitrary detention practices and torture.

Qatar Reiterates Firm Support of Palestinian People

The State of Qatar has reiterated its firm position in support of the Palestinian people until they recover all their legitimate rights and establish their independent sovereign state on the June 4, 1967 borders.