General Information


Geneva lies in the  far south western part  of Switzerland, on the western end of Geneva lake, near the French border, where the Rhone river springs. Geneva is the  second largest cities of  Switzerland and the largest city of the French language speaking segment of the population.

Geneva is the headquarter of a large number of International organisations, of these is the European Headquarters of the United Nations, the main Headquarters of the International Red Cross organisation as well as the Headquarters of International Health Organisation, world Trade Organisation, International Intellectuel Property organisation and World labor Organisation, etc.

Geneva also witnessed the signing of a number of International conventions and treaties,  for that reason it is known by acronym  "City of Peace."

Attention must be paid that all shops and marketing centers are totally closed on Sunday except the shops that belong to the train station ,Geneva air- port and the small retail shops.


According to the formal numbers issued by the Federal Census Office (2012-2014) The number of young Muslim amongst the Swiss population who are in the age group of 15 years is 5%, those who belong to Christianity are 38 per cent, Protestant  26 per cent and those who confessed not belong to any religion are 22,2 per cent out of the total population.

Official language in Switzerland: Is the French language, note that most of the Geneva population speaks the English language at the tourism centers.