Passport Loss or Damage

In case of loss or damage of a passport the Consulate will issue a laissez passer to replace the original lost passports. This will take between 3-5 working days to obtain the necessary approvals from the relevant authorities in Doha.


  • Report the loss/damage of the passport to the Police
  • The person concerned must then bring the Police Report to the Consulate for certification, along with (2) personal photos, and 14 Swiss Francs fees for the issuance of a laissez passer.
  • Once in Doha, the person concerned should go to the Passports Department of the Ministry of Interior to issue a new passport.

Identity Card Loss or Damage

The Consulate will issue a verbal note “To Whom It May Concern” to Qatari nationals to issue a replacement for the one that was lost or damaged. This requires the following:

  • Report the loss/damage of the ID to the Police
  • The person concerned must then bring the Police Report to the Consulate for certification, along with 29 Swiss Francs fees for the issuance of a certificate
In case of a medical emergency, immediately call the Ambulance/Emergency number in Switzerland at 144, as well as the Qatar Consulate in Geneva's at 0229298950 or 0227988500.       
  • Requirements for Newly-Born Babies

    The Consulate will issue a laissez passer to newly-born babies. This requires

    • 1-The baby’s birth certificate from the hospital certified (legalised) by the relevant authorities in Switzerland and two 2 passport photos
    • A copy of the parents’ marriage certificate.
    • 14 Swiss Francs fees for the issuance of a laissez passer.
  • Issuance of laissez passer : the consular office may issue a laissez passer     travel document for nationals who have lost their passports abroad, valid solely for returning to Qatar:

    Required documents: Two pass photos, a police report and a copy of the Qatari passport or National Identity Card. 

  • Power of Attorney for Qatari Citizens                              
  • Legalization : Legalization of documents issued by Swiss authorities, such as medical certificates or report   

Due to recent changes in Visa application procedures, all persons travelling to Qatar, regardless of their nationality(except persons from the countries mentioned below, see list), are requested to obtain their Visa before their departure.

The Visa can be obtained from our consulate section in Geneva, the hotels, commercial companies, relatives in Qatar or from the embassy’s website: www.gov.qa

Requirements for visa application:

  • The consular section does not offer any express or expedited services. There are no additional fees for any application. 
  • Submitting and receiving back passports must be between 9:00 AM and 12:30 PM , Monday to Friday. 
  • Submit your completed Application Form (find the Application Form below). The application must be filled out clearly (with black ink pen or printed). 
  • The application fees must be paid in advance so can the consular service proceed with the issuance of the Visa. Please note that the application fees are non-refundable. 
  • A visa applicant must submit a valid passport with his/her application. The passport must be valid for at least six months longer than the applicant's intended stay in the State of Qatar and must have available pages to place a visa. 
  • Each application must contain 2 recent color passport-size identical photographs (2" x 2"). 
  • The original Passport and 2 additional copies of the first two pages (with name and photograph). 
  • A letter addressed to the consular from the applicant’s employer (for Business Visa) 
  • Not all travelers require a visa to enter Qatar if they plan only to  travel through Qatar to other destinations (Transit). 


  • List of countries whose citizens are eligible for visa on arrival at the airport of Doha: 
  • United States, Britain, France, Italy, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Finland, Spain, Monaco, Vatican, Iceland, Andorra, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Turkey, the Oland, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 
  • Please take note of  these additional information: Each application should be accompanied by: - A copy of the passport (valid at least for 6 months) - 2 colored personal photographs of applicant  - The stated fees are not refundable  

Type of visa 



Credentials to confirm status.


Bank statement for the last 3 months, and a copy of the resident

permit for resident foreigners.

Residents of GCC countries 

Copy of the GCC stay permit valid for at least 6 months.
The visa is granted to persons with specific professions.

Accompanying GCC Nationals 

Copy of the GCC stay permit valid for at least 6 months. Visa islimited to persons under the personal sponsorship of the respectiveGCC national.

Transit Visa 

Granted for 2 days in special situations,)Not for transit travelerswho do not need a pre-arranged visa and are allowed to enterQatar under the sponsorship of the concerned airline company

provided they have a stop in , Qatar for more than 6 hours,until their departure to their destination according to nextpre-determined flight schedule dates)

Joint Tourist Visa 

Bank statement for last 3 months,granted to the nationals of some countries, and allow its holder

to enter any country directly and is free to stay or moveto another country before the expiry ofvisa.

The above Visas, except the transit visa, allow their holders to enter Qatar for one month. 

Note: applications from delegates holding travel documents shall be accepted only if they are members of official delegations. Holders of this type of travel documents are required to coordinate with a company, their relatives or acquaintances in the State of Qatar to ensure obtaining the required visas.
Please click on the image to open the application form.

  • Each Document needed to be legalized by the consular section, must be first legalized by the following authorities: 
    • the Arab – Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CASCI) for commercial documents 
    • The State Chancellery of the Republic and the Canton of Geneva or Cantonal Chamber of Commerce for all other documents. 
  • Note: Find below the mail address of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Geneva.
  • Prior payments for legalizations can be made either via bank transfers or via  payment slips (see attachment below: a payment slip and our bank information). 
  • When sending the documents for legalization, please enclose a self-stamped addressed envelope with which the document could be resent to you.
  • A Certificate of Origin should be enclosed with documents of merchandise not made in Switzerland. 
  • It is recommendable to enclose a Certificate of Insurance of the goods.
  • For the purpose of archive, a copy of the letter of credit between the seller and the buyer, if available, could be enclosed with the documents. 
  • A Certificate of Transport should be enclosed with the documents. 

The Consulate General  of the State of Qatar in Geneva informs that the legalization fees are as follows:

150 QAR 

43 CHF 

Certificate of Origin 

150 QAR 

43 CHF

Packing List

150 QAR 


Commercial Contract




500 QAR 

143 CHF

Up to:

4,286 CHF
3,797 EURO

1 - 15,000 QAR

1000 QAR 


From: 4,122 - 27,473 USD 4,287 - 28,571CHF
3,798 - 25,316 EURO

15,001 - 100,000 QAR

2500 QAR 

714 CHF


27,474 -68,681USD

28,572 -71,428 CHF
25,317 -63,291EURO

100,001- 250,000 QAR

5000 QAR 



68,682 -274,725USD
71,429 - 285,714 CHF
63,292 -253,165 EURO

250,001-1,000,000 QAR


0.6% of the Value of the invoice in QAR


285,715 CHF

1,000,001 QAR

150 QAR 

43 CHF

Power of Attorney

100 QAR 

29 CHF

Special Mandate

100 QAR 

29 CHF

Act of Guarantee

100 QAR 

29 CHF

Sale Contract of buildings

100 QAR 

29 CHF

Act of hiring of buildings

100 QAR 

29 CHF

Contract of pledge

100 QAR 

29 CHF

Titrate of deposit

100 QAR 

29 CHF



1 CHF = 3.5 QAR

1 USD = 3.64 QAR

1 EURO =4.2 QAR. 


Address : Arab-Swiss Chamber of commerce and industry 

Route de Lausanne,63

    1202 Genève


  Tel : 0041223473202 

  Fax : 0041223473870          

Site internet :http://www.casci.ch


Death of a Qatari national in Geneva

In the event of the death of a Qatari national in Geneva, the Consulate General of the State of Qatar in Geneva shall facilitate the necessary administrative procedures and shall bear all expenses incurred, including the costs of repatriating the body. It also bears the costs of translating and certifying death certificates, as follows:
  • Death certificate from doctor.
  • A certificate attesting that there is no danger when transporting the body.
  • A permit authorized by the Consul General to deport the body.
  • Official report on the burial in the coffin.
The General Consulate of the State of Qatar in Geneva closely follows the conduct of administrative procedures, although the facilities of the Qatari deceased are the first to be brought before the Swiss authorities and all documents relating to the transfer of the body to the State of Qatar are signed.
The General Consulate of the State of Qatar in Geneva promptly arranges the repatriation of the body and informs the Ministry of Health of Qatar in order to arrange for the body to be delivered to the family of the deceased in Qatar.

In case the passport got stolen, it is imperative to go to the closest Police station and notify them immediately, after which it is important to contact the Qatar Consulate in Geneva to receive further guidance and support.

The following numbers are useful to have in case of emergency:


The Consulate of the State of Qatar in Geneva: +41227988500 / +41229298950

The Embassy of the State of Qatar in Bern: 0313137209


Police: 117

Civil Defense: 118

Ambulance / Medical Emergency: 144

Road Assistance: 140


During after work hours, please contact the Consulate hotlines at +41787477775 or +41792433473