The State of Qatar Affirms Investing Heavily in Building Strong, Cohesive Families

At an event on International Day of Families organized in Geneva in cooperation with the Permanent Mission of KSA and the Permanent Mission of Egypt, H.E. Dr. Hend Al-Muftah, Qatar’s Permanent Representative in Geneva, stresses that Qatar has heavily invested in building strong and cohesive families to be a pillar for the promotion and protection of human rights of all their members

Qatar Affirms Paying Great Attention to Intellectual Property Issues

The State of Qatar emphasized that it pays great attention to intellectual property issues, stressing the significance of the success of the ongoing negotiations within the long-awaited IGC, which would enhance the credibility of the international intellectual property system and its ability to play its role in protecting rights holders in a balanced and fair manner.

Qatar Underscores Responsibility of States in Journalists' Protection

The State of Qatar condemns killing of Palestinian journalists & their family members and the destruction of media institutions & calls for prompt, independent investigations in accordance with international standards, to ensure that those responsible for these violations & crimes are held accountable