Qatar-Switzerland Relations

The State of Qatar and the Swiss Confederation have enjoyed good bilateral relations for more than 40 years.

Since the establishment of these relations, bilateral cooperation between the two countries has developed notably in economic matters, which has helped boost the volume of mutual trade between them and developed the Qatar investments in Switzerland, especially in the fields of hotel industry and real estate. On its part, Switzerland has strengthened its position in the Qatari economic landscape through a series of initiatives to explore investment opportunities and promote bilateral trade. It is worth noting that the Swiss Business Council Qatar, established in April 2015, has played an important role in bringing together Qatari businessmen with their Swiss counterparts on specific topics such as investment in industrial areas or the acquisition of solar technologies.

By opening mutual embassies in their respective capitals, the State of Qatar and Switzerland signaled their clear intention to further develop their good relations, which culminated in the signing of a number of bilateral agreements between the two countries.