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Qatar expresses Appreciation for UNHCR Efforts

The State of Qatar said that “out of believing that mediation is one of the most important means of resolving and preventing disputes and conflicts, as well as its important role in supporting peaceful transformations and national reconciliation, and helping to build societies, Qatar's diplomacy and foreign policy have been keen to contain many regional and international crises and conflicts. This contributed to avoiding the occurrence of asylum and displacement problems, as well as alleviating their tragic effects”.

Qatar Renews Support for Somalia to Build State of Institutions, Rule of Law

The State of Qatar called on all Somali parties to reject differences and strengthen efforts aimed at consolidating national reconciliation and moving forward with the political process in order to preserve the gains and achievements that have been made, and to enhance the ability to face challenges, foremost among which are security threats, terrorism, the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, drought, floods and food insecurity.

Qatar Expresses Concern about Racist and Discriminatory Practices Against Minorities Due to Spread of Coronavirus

The State of Qatar said that the absence of independent national litigation mechanisms in the blockading countries that could review these decisions, prompted the State of Qatar to knock on the doors of international mechanisms, such as the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) that issued a decision with jurisdiction and accepting consideration of complaints submitted by the State of Qatar against Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and the International Court of Justice, which has ordered the imposition of temporary measures to stop some practices committed by the UAE, pending the final decision of the case.