About Us

The Permanent Mission of the State of Qatar to the United Nations Office and other International Organizations and the Consulate General in Geneva was established in 1974. H.E Mr. Abdul Rahman Hamad Al-Attiyah was appointed Qatar’s first Head of Mission in Geneva. The Consulate General of Qatar which is  housed in the Permanent Mission’s premises, provides consular and a wide range of assistance to Qatari nationals in Geneva. 

Since its establishment, the Permanent Mission of the State of Qatar in Geneva represents Qatar’s national interests in the multilateral setting in Geneva. It works to maintains Qatar's relationship with the United Nations, its specialized agencies as well as other international organizations, that deal with a wide array of areas, ranging from human rights and humanitarian affairs to migration and health, labour, telecommunications, international trade, intellectual property, disarmament, and meteorology. The Mission serves also as the principal focal point for liaison with important institutes, Swiss Universities and key think tanks working in Geneva. 

To discharge its different tasks relating to these organizations, which deal with purely technical and substantive matters, the Permanent Mission of Qatar in Geneva is assisted by its Office to the World Trade Organization and its office to the International Labour Organization.

The work of our Permanent Mission is premised upon Qatar’s foreign policy which is based on the principles of consolidating international peace and security through favouring diplomacy and negotiations, the promotion of peaceful settlement of international disputes, the support of rights of peoples to self-determination, non-interference in States' internal affairs, and through cooperation with peace-loving nations.