Curriculum Vitae


Personal Profile

Name:  Dr. Hend bint Abdalrahman Mohamed Al Muftah.

Academic & non-academic Designations: Qatar’s Permeant Representative to UN-Geneva. Associate Professor at DI, Former Member of Qatari Shura Council.
Nationality: Qatari


  1. 2004, Ph.D. - Human Capital Formation- Human Resources Management, Exeter University, UK.

    Thesis/Dissertation Title “Human Capital Formation in the State of Qatar with Special Reference to Oil & Gas-Based Industries.”


  2. 1999, Master in Management Science, London University, SOAS, UK.

    Thesis/Dissertation Title “Participation of National Females in the Government Labor Force: A Case Study of Qatar”


  3. 1990, Bachelor degree in Public Administration, Qatar University.


Brief Services

Since 2004, I served in many activities, committees and roles in different academic, research and professional tasks and positions at Qatar University-QU and Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI), some ministries and organizations in Qatar and the region.  I have 20+ years of experience and 15+ years in leadership roles, mainly served in developing re-structured or institutionalizing newly established organizations. My main role in these organizations included building or reviewing administrative, finance, HR, external relations and academic policies and procedures, systems, organizational structure and culture, strategic plans in addition to many academic tasks as curricula evaluation, research capacity and strategy, and local and international accreditation. In all the organizations, I was either leading or a member in many committees including for example strategic plan, tender committees, outreach and fund raising, where I was success in financing DI’s scholarship program with 20 Million QAR in cooperation with Qatar Fund for Development.   


In terms of community services within Qatar, I was involved as a member in tens of local task force and committees, including the involvement as member of CEDAW- Qatar committee (2019). However, most recognized membership of strategic committees are:


  • Member, Qatari-Chinese friendship committee, Chair of education and culture sub-committee since 2019.
  • Chair, BOT, Al Amjad International Academy-Qatar (private English School) since 2019.
  • Chair, BOT, Qatar's Secondary school for Finance and Business Administration- Qatar since 2019.
  • Chairing the Association of Librarian and Information Systems since 2014- Doha Institute for Graduate Studies.
  • QU’s Reform Project (2004-08), QU’s Strategic Plan Committee,
  • "Selatek Project" (2007-08) of Qatar Foundation (QF)
  • Labor Market Strategy (2005-07) General Secretary for Development Planning (GSDP/Ministry of Development Planning).
  • National Development Strategy (2009-10) and (2018) & Economic Diversification and Economic Development, and Human Development Reports with General Secretary for Development Planning (GSDP/Ministry of Development Planning).
  • Chairing the HR Best Practices Group – informal group- during 2004-2012.


In addition, I am well-recognized as social activist in the local media and community, and a columnist in some local and regional newspaper since 2007. I was acknowledged during 2015 and 2016 as the most influential 50 people in the Qatari social media, scoring 36th and 33rd. I was also acknowledged as the most 100 influential people form multilateral organizations (ranked 66th in December 2017 and 77th in January 2018, and 53rd in October 2018).


I was appointed on the 16th of November 2017 by His Highness the Amir of Qatar as a member of Shura Council, as one of four ladies, for the first time to join the Council. Since then, I have been involved and participated in many local, regional and international debates and events regarding political participation of Qatari women and empowerment, women and migrant labor human rights, and the coming elections in October 2021. Moreover, I have been involved in local, regional and international events and discussions regarding SDGs, particularly G4 quality education, G5 gender equality, G8 decent work and economic growth, and G16 peace, justice and strong institutions. Within this role, I also served as the VP for the International Women’s Empowerment & Capacity Building Organization (NGO based in UK). Indeed, this 4-years of being a member at Qatar’s Shura Council enhances and strengthen my political background and experiences in different aspects.



Work Experience

Academic Employment


Position, College, and University.

January 2015-

Jan 2021

Associate Professor, Doha Institute for Graduate studies, Qatar.

The Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (DI), established in 2014, is an independent institute for learning and research in the fields of Social Sciences, Humanities, Public Administration andDevelopment Economics in Doha.

2010 – 2016

Associate Professor of Management, Qatar University, Qatar.

The country’s national and biggest University established in 1973.

2004 – 2010

Assistant Professor of Management, Qatar University, Qatar.

1999 – 2004

Lecturer, Qatar University, Qatar.

1999 – 2000

Assistant Researcher, Qatar University

1990 – 1999

Teaching Assistant, Qatar University, Qatar.





Project, Country

Jan-April 2015

Consultant, BOT Chair, Doha Institute for Graduate Studies.

Developed HR, Finance, Procurement, IT, Tender, External Relations and Communications policies and procedures.

2009- 2010

Consultant, Qatari Women Sport Committee, Olympic Committee, Qatar

Proposed the Committee 1st strategic plan.


Consultant, VP&CFO, QU, Qatar.

Assisting the VP &FO in reviewing all Admin and HR polices and services.


Consultant, Ministry of Trade & Business, Qatar.

Proposed the Ministry 1st Strategic Plan.




Non-Academic Employment



Position, Department, Organization/University, and Country.

May 2015- Jan 2021

VP, Administration and Finance, Doha Institute for Graduate studies, Qatar.

Planning, organizing, leading and developing all admin and finance policies, procedures and systems including fund raising for international students’ scholarships coming from the developing countries.


November 2015- present

Chair, Arab Higher Education Users Group- Arab HEUG (MENA Chapter).

Member, Advisory Board, Higher Education Users Group HEUG- Based in USA.

April 2012-September 2014

Executive Director, Childhood Cultural Center, Qatar Foundation, Qatar (Officially closed in 2018 due to restructuring process).

Planned and supervised the restructuring of the Centre and offer new services for the Child in Qatar as 1st mobile library, 1st public library for children aged 3-12 years old, 1st reading camping (2012-2014), and 1st Children’s monthly newspaper, named Tejory, in addition to other capacity building programs as future leader and professional.

Jan-April 2012

HR Director- Qatar Rail Company (Established in 2011 to design and develop the country’s rail network and manage, operate and maintain it after completion which is expected in 2020).


During this short employment, I had developed HR policy, procedures, and systems. Conduct major career fair locally and In UK.

2004 – 2012

Chair, Steering Committee, HR Best Practices Group (HRBPG), Qatar.

Informal Group comprised of +400 member of HR specialist and professionals working in Qatar, and aimed to enhance networking, experience exchange and developing knowledge and skills.

2004 – 2008

Director of Human Resources, Qatar University, Qatar.

Developed all HR policies, procedures, and system including Organizational structure, recruitment, orientation, T&D, Qatarization, and management performance systems.




Peer Reviewed Journal Articles


  1. Choukri, Koli and Hend al Muftah, (2020), Impact of Th legal Context on protecting and Guaranteeing Women’s Rights at Work in the MENA Region, International Journal of Women’s Studies, Vol 21, Issue 6, Article 6.
  2. Choukri, Koli and Hend al Muftah, (2020), Female labor force participation in the Middle East and North African Countries: Constraints and levers, Brazilian Journal of Policy and Development – ISSN 2675102x

    Female labor force participation in the Middle East and North African Countries: constraints and levers | Brazilian Journal of Policy and Development - ISSN: 2675-102X

  3. Human Development in Qatar, in A. Farazmand (ed.), Global Encyclopedia of Public Administration, Public Policy, and Governance (2018). file:///C:/Users/halmuftah/Documents/My%20Research/HD%20Qatar/HD%20in%20Qatar%20Dr.%20Hend%20Al%20Muftah%202018.pdf
  4. Al Muftah Hend, Lafi Hanan (2011), “Impact of QWL on employee satisfaction in the oil & gas industry in Qatar”, Advances in Management & Applied Economics, vol.1, no.2, 2011, 107-134, ISSN: 1792-7544.


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  11. Al Muftah, Hend, “Human Capital Formation: A case of Qatar”, Journal of Business and Economics, vol. 11, January 2005, Qatar University


  • 1-Other Intellectual Contributions (conference presentations, seminars/workshops, chapters in book, textbooks, monographs, …, etc.):


Chapters in a Books





1-Al Muftah, H, Alaya Mousa, and Al Tijani Hamed, (2022), Crisis Management between Theory and Practice: Qatar’s Strategic Response to the Blockade Crisis, Arab Centre for Research Studies.

2- Al Muftah, Hend, (2010), Human capital Formation in Qatar: A story of Oil and gas-based,  Verlag Dr. Müller (December 10, 2010)

  1. Issues in Management, (2013), Ministry of Culture, in Arabic.


Ad/hoc Reviewer/Editorial Board


  1. Journal of Middle East Policy Science, Editorial board member since May 2018.
  2. Employee’s performance reports within the current civil service laws amongst the GCCs, Journal of Administrative Development, Administrative Development Institution,Qatar, 2010
  3. Marketing strategies amongst Jordanian Construction companies, Journal of Humanities & Social sciences, University of Sharjah, 2010
  4. RETIREES FROM PUBLIC SERVICE IN NIGERIA: A SURVEY, Studies in Business $ economics, QU, 2014
  5. Development Perspective of Technology-based Entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa, Journal of Annals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (AIE), 2012
  7. Political Contingency and the Implementation of Qatarization, Studies in Business $ economics, QU, 2011
  8. Localization of HRs in the State of Qatar: Emerging issues and research agenda, Education, Business & Society: Contemporary Middle eastern issues, 2008.


Editorial Board


  • 1-Member, Editorial Advisory Board, World Journal of women and sustainable development, World Association for Sustainable development, UK
  • 2-Member, Editorial Advisory Board, HOKAMMA journal, Arab Center for Studies and Policy Research since 2019.
  • 3-Journal of Annals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship (AIE) since 2010- present

  • 4-International Journal of Innovation and Knowledge Management in Middle East

                 and North Africa 2010-2012

  • 5-World Association Sustainable Development (WASD), MENA Advisory Board, 2008-2012


Teaching since 2004

Courses Taught





  1. Principles of Management.
  2. Human Resource Management.
  3. Organizational Behavior.


QU and DI

  1. Introduction to Management.
  2. Human Resources Management.
  3. Leadership.
  4. Strategic Development.
  5. Human Resources Management in Government and NGOs- in Arabic.
  6. Capstone Project.




Academic and Scientific Institutions


  1. Higher Education Users Group

20015- present

  1. Arab Higher Education Users Group


  1. Library and information Association of Qatar

2014- Present

  1. Project Management Association-Arabian Gulf Countries, USA


  1. Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM)- USA


  1. Arabian society of Human Resources management (ASHRM)