Qatar Expresses Concern over Deterioration of Human Rights, Security, Economic, and Humanitarian Conditions in Libya

The State of Qatar expressed Monday its deep concern regarding the deterioration of human rights, security, economic, and humanitarian conditions in Libya. Qatar also strongly condemned the targeting of civilians and civilian facilities like airports, hospitals, and refugee centers, calling on all parties to respect its commitments under international law, and stressed the importance of holding those responsible for human rights crimes and violations accountable.

The State of Qatar welcomed the ceasefire agreement between the Libyan Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord and the Speaker of the Libyan Parliament, expressing hope that all parties will adhere to the ceasefire, especially as it is impossible to establish a military rule forcibly. The State of Qatar added that commitment to the ceasefire will be a step in the right direction towards implementing the Sukhairat Agreement and its outcomes, noting that the latter are the reference for political settlement and the establishment of the desired peace and sustainable development for all Libyans.

This came during the State of Qatar's statement given by HE Permanent Representative of the State of Qatar to the United Nations in Geneva Ali Khalfan Al Mansouri in an interactive dialogue with the fact-finding mission in Libya, during the 45th regular session of the Human Rights Council.

His Excellency expressed his appreciation of the Government of National Accord's efforts to improve human rights conditions, renewing the State of Qatar's call on the international community and the United Nations Commission on Human Rights to continue providing support to enhance the Libyan government's ability to honor its commitments and face challenges, particularly the COVID-19 epidemic.

He expressed the State of Qatar's thanks to the fact-finding mission in Libya on its efforts, expressing the State of Qatar's support to all efforts aiming to establish peace and protect human rights in Libya.